Monday, September 12, 2011

Full disclosure/reality check

I aim to post here at least once a week. Obviously, I've been slipping lately.

While CRPS has seriously (if episodically) affected my cognition, the great advantage of dealing with CRPS alone, over dealing with being overmedicated for CRPS, is this:

I know when I'm not that bright.

The ability to self-assess is key, and I'm grateful for it. (Small favors, I know.)

When I don't remember, I know I don't remember; when I need context, I know I need context; when I have the data in mind, I can tell you just how high my degree of certainty is.

My brain works sporadically, but I know when it's working. This is a big deal. The pharmaceuticals made it very very difficult to assess my own capacity, and that alone was functionally crippling.

Clinical takeaway: even subtle overdosing matters. Anything that acts on the central nervous system affects cognition to some degree. Boy, do I have articles about that!

As for now ... My brain has had no slack beyond what I need for coping with daily life. There are a couple of fascinating-looking articles I'd love to review, but they're going to have to wait until the pendulum swings back again.

Assuming it does, because let's face it, there are no guarantees. Nevertheless, I'll keep trying. Thinking and learning is what makes my life bearable, so I will definitely keep trying.

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