Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picking a target (volunteers welcome)

I have several topics competing for attention:

- The lowdown on neurotransmitters: what they are, what they do, where and how they're made.
I can't find my old version, but I'd rather rewrite it anyway and lard it heavily with current references and links.

- After that, there's more to say about how neurotransmitters can be affected -- for better or worse -- by what you do, what you eat, and how you use your noggin.
This is aimed at that helpless feeling we tend to get when our minds go awry. There's a lot you can do to mend your mind from the inside out, either with med help or without. I'd like to put the main strategies together here, because so much advice seems conflicting. Mostly, it isn't, but it would be good to see why.

- Putting the "might" back in mitochondria: how to support your mitochondria in sickness and protect them in health.
This goes into the mechanics and physiology of the reparative stuff I mentioned in the prior article on mitochondria.

These are the big 3. Any preferences?

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